Ronald-Oliver KRIEG

Photo - Ronald-Oliver  KRIEG

Flag - GER Germany

Deaflympic Medals:

8 2 0

First Deaflympic Games: Christchurch 1989

Born: 1969

Gender: m

1996 Sportsman of the Year Finalist.

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Christchurch 1989TennisDoublesGold
Christchurch 1989TennisMixed Doubles
Christchurch 1989TennisSinglesGold
Sofia 1993TennisDoublesGold
Sofia 1993TennisMixed Doubles
Sofia 1993TennisSinglesGold
Copenhagen 1997TennisDoublesSilver
Copenhagen 1997TennisMixed Doubles
Copenhagen 1997TennisSinglesGold
Rome 2001TennisDoublesGold
Rome 2001TennisMixed Doubles
Rome 2001TennisSinglesSilver
Melbourne 2005TennisDoublesGold
Melbourne 2005TennisMixed Doubles
Melbourne 2005TennisSinglesGold
Samsun 2017TennisDoubles (Men)5th