Executive Board

Gustavo de Araujo Perazzolo

Vice President - World Sports, Acting President

Country: Brazil

Education: Linguistics, Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (2012).

Graduation in progress in Educação Física.

Career: Teacher

Sport career: Former athlete (Triathlon)

Sport administration:

- Board of the PANAMDES (2007-2012)

- Sports Director of the Confederation Brazileira of Sport of Deaf - CBDS (2009-2011)

- Vice President of Confederation South American Sport of Deaf - CONSUDES (2014-2016)

- President of the CBDS (2012-2016)

- President of the PANAMDES (2016 to current)


- Sports Merit Award of the Municipal Sports Council (2007, High performance sports)

- Congratulation in homage of the city council (2018)

ICSD history:            

- Former athlete in Deaflympics (2009 and 2013)

- Former athlete in World Deaf Handball Championships (2008 and 2014)


Information about the Executive Board can be found in ICSD bylaw: Bylaw 3 - The Executive Board.