Under the direction of the ICSD Secretariat, the voluntary but highly respectful role of an ICSD President is to act as a spokesperson for the Deaflympics and World Deaf Championships events and to preside ICSD Congresses.  That is just to name a few responsibilities of the leadership position. 

Below are the names of the ICSD/CISS Presidents, years in the role, and quick background facts:

photo: Eugene  Rubens-Alcais

Eugene Rubens-Alcais

Founder and first President (1924-1953), an auto mechanic by profession, came to be known as the deaf version of Baron de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics.

photo: Oscar  Ryden

Oscar Ryden

Second President (1953-1955), a Swedish joiner and woodcarver, sculptor, editor and lecturer.

photo: Jens Peter Nielsen

Jens Peter Nielsen

Third President (1955-1961), a Danish carpenter and lifelong organizer and leader of deaf sports.

photo: Pierre  Bernhard

Pierre Bernhard

Fourth President (1961-1971), a French carpenter, wood sculptor, coffin maker, World War II resistance fighter and author.

photo: Jerald M. Jordan

Jerald M. Jordan

Fifth President (1971-1995), an American printer, teacher, Director of Admissions and Records at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, and the first CISS President to receive the Olympic Order from the IOC, in 1995.

photo: John M. Lovett

John M. Lovett

Sixth President (1995-2003), an Australian government administrator who put Australia on the world map of deaf sports.

photo: Donalda Kay Ammons

Donalda Kay Ammons

Seventh President (2003-2009), an American educator and professor at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, who was appointed acting president upon the untimely death of John M. Lovett. At the 2005 Congress she was officially elected to the president position.

photo: Craig Andrew Crowley

Craig Andrew Crowley

Eighth President (2009-2013), A British Chief Executive Officer with senior and executive management experience in voluntary organisations. Craig was previously a sports coach and a Deaflympian.  He was also the founding President (Chair) of UK Deaf Sport.

photo: Valery Nikitich Rukhledev

Valery Nikitich Rukhledev

Ninth President (2013-2018), a six-time Deaflympics Champion in Wrestling, one of the ten top ICSD/Deaflympics Athlete of the Century Award recipients, prominent public and political figure on the national and international levels, and long-time deaf sports Executive in his country.

photo: Rebecca  Adam

Rebecca Adam

ICSD President (2018-2019), appointed President upon the early retirement of Dr. Valery Rukhledev.

photo: Kang  Chen

Kang Chen

Tenth ICSD President (2019-2020), one of the figures in Deaf Sports Movement in Chinese Taipei and the 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics Organizing Committee. He is officially elected ICSD Vice President-World Sports during 2013 - 2019.

photo: Gustavo de Araujo  Perazzolo

Gustavo de Araujo Perazzolo

Eleventh ICSD President (2021-2022), one of the figures in Deaf Sports Movement in Brazil and PANAMDES. He is officially elected ICSD President during 48th ICSD Extraordinary Congress in Lausanne, Switzerland. Former athlete in Deaflympics (2009 and 2013) and former athlete in World Deaf Handball Championships (2008 and 2014).