First message of the ICSD President

Greetings to global Deaf sports community!

I believe that some of you are already aware of the ICSD Executive Board meeting held in Turkey 2 weeks ago.

ICSD Board had made the hard decision in appointing me as the interim President per the ICSD Bylaws (3.2.f) until the upcoming Winter Deaflympics in Italy.

All former Presidents of ICSD (CISS) have the same goal in putting the focus on Deaf Athletes who are the most important. We shall continue the same goal. In the meanwhile, we shall allocate tasks to the Board members and commissions as a team who are linked up as same as Deaflympics always do.

Any and all of your comments are very welcome to ICSD because we would like to have you participate and improve ICSD unity and strong in each aspect.

Thank you.

Interim President
International Committee of Sports for the Deaf