ICSD President and Turkish Youth and Sports Minister met in Istanbul on 7 October 2016

In the meeting between the Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Akif Cagatay Kilic and the ICSD President Dr. Rukhledev at the Istanbul, the Minister stated, “the Preparation and Regulation Board will appoint a coordinator for the Samsun Deaflympics 2017, who will swiftly surmount the shortcomings for the preparation of the event.”

In his speech Dr. Rukhledev, started off by sharing his gratitude for the Turkish Youth and Sports Minister Akif Cagatay Kilic. He also expressed his satisfaction regarding the progress that has been made on infrastructure for the 2017 Summer Deaflympics in Samsun. Dr. Rukhledev, however, further mentioned that there is a foreseeable potential for drawbacks caused by organizational tardiness and in order for Samsun Deaflympics 2017 to go swiftly and ultimately for it to be a success, he will provide support with the expertise and the proficiency of the ICSD. He concluded his remarks by stating, “Even though there are many “bumps” laying ahead on the road for 2017 Deaflympics, he has no doubt that the ICSD and the Turkish Government will accomplish this endeavor by working together.”

The attitudes and statements of some local federation authorities before and after the meeting with the esteemed Minister were the unfortunate part of the successful meeting in Istanbul.

Turkey edged out Argentina to be the host of 2017 Deaflympics Games, just by a fraction of an inch in 2013.

Samsun Deaflympics 2017 will be an especially significant event since it will have the most sport disciplines and attending nations than any other event in Turkish history. It is also expected that with an unprecedented number of athletes partaking in the history of Deaflympics, the total number of athletes will surpass that of the Paralympic Games and will become the second biggest sports organization that is open for every country and continent after the Olympics.