ICSD remains committed to find solution for French Deaf Athletes

Frederick MD, USA - On 5 March, International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) President, Craig Crowley and Vice President of World Sports, Josef Wilmerdinger, met with Federation Francaise Handisport (FFH) President Gerard Masson and his representatives to discuss possible resolution of ICSD statutes which France needed to clarify their role and position. FFH wished to apply conditions which ICSD could only support if they had self-governing role for French Deaf Sport under auspices of FFH. If FHH agreed to work on those proposed solutions ICSD would be satisfied to lift the imposed suspension within the next three to six months.

However FFH refused to accept this suggestion and terminated the meeting. ICSD very much regrets their decision despite the fact that, as international governing body of Deaflympics, both President and Vice President came to Paris in a good faith to assist FFH with potential resolution but this was not possible.

ICSD is concerned about French Deaf Sports so we plan to take further advice with the Legal Commission, IOC and CAS to seek clarification as regards their lack of respect for ICSD statutes and the well being of the French Deaf athletes.

ICSD remain committed to ensure the French as well as other International Deaf athletes get their equality of opportunity and will pursue this with IPC to secure further development in our existing Memorandum Of Understanding.

By Secretariat