Members of the ICSD Executive Board approved by Congress

Lausanne, 29 November 2021 — The last item of business before the Extraordinary Congress adjourned was the election of the Executive Board. Gustavo Perazzolo, who had been the Interim President since Kang Chen resigned in September 2020, was chosen to continue his presidential role until the 48th Congress (or up to one year maximum if the Congress does not occur beforehand).

Following the same term limitations as the president, the Board members elected into their roles are:

Yutaka Osugi — Vice President of World Sport

David Lanesman —Vice President Youth

Yakup Khitir, Kristian Lantto, Adam Kosa, and Alexandra Polivanchuk — Members at Large

The term limitation of their Executive Board roles will be to oversee the organising of the 24th Summer Deaflympics and the planning of the 48th Congress.

The decision for the term limitation is over the question of ICSD leadership legitimacy that had been ongoing since 2019. The Congress had elected a task force to investigate this matter and disclose its findings to the next Congress.