Osvald Dahlgren (1911-2004)

Osvald Dahlgren, CISS 2nd Secretary-General (1967-1973), passed away 11 March 2004 at 15.30 Swedish time. He was 92 years old.

Osvald was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 2 November, 1911. Both of his parents were also Deaf. He was educated at the Manilla School for the Deaf in Stockholm, and employed as a typographer at the Albert Bonniers publishing company until retirement in 1976.

He was active in athletics as a young man, preferring in the short distances. As he grew older, he changed to orienteering and continued to compete in that sport until he was 71 years old. This skill in athletics carried over into competition in the World Games for the Deaf, winning silver medals in the 4x100, and 4x400 relays in London (1935) and a gold in 4x400 relay in Stockholm (1939).

Not content with just competing in sports, he also served administratively, functioning in many positions within the Deaf Associations in Sweden. His honors include the 1957 bronze and the 1973 gold CISS Medals of Honour, the Badge of Merit of the Swedish Confederation of Sports and the Plaquette in Gold of the Pro Patria Society.
He was known best for donating most of his life for the deaf sports and deaf community nationally, as well as internationally.
The CISS/DEAFLYMPICS Executive Committee expresses their deepest condolences to his extended family.

By Secretariat