Technical Regulations - Tennis

This competition will be conducted during the 23rd Summer Deaflympics from 18 July 2017 to 30 July 2017 and will consist of the following 5 events (2 for men, 2 for women and 1 for mixed):

mixed doubles


2.1 Invitation to Participate
ICSD and the Organising Committee will invite all National Deaf Sports Federation (NDSF) members in good standing to participate in the competition.

2.2 Eligibility

2.2.1 Hearing Loss
Participation in the competition is restricted to athletes who are deaf and/or hard of hearing. Refer to the ICSD Audiogram Regulations for additional details on measurement of hearing loss.

2.2.2 Age
Athletes must meet the minimum age requirement for each event listed below:

EventMinimum Age
singlesNo restriction
doublesNo restriction
mixed doublesNo restriction

2.2.3 Compliance
Only athletes who comply with the Deaflympics Regulations are allowed to participate in the competition.

2.4 Number of Teams
Not Applicable

2.5 Qualified Teams
Not Applicable

2.6 Number of Athletes per Discipline
A maximum number of athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each Tennis discipline listed below:


2.7 Number of Athletes per Event
A maximum number of athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each event listed below:

mixed doubles--8

2.8 Number of Reserves or Substitutes per Event
A maximum number of reserve/substitute athlete(s) per NDSF is allocated to each event listed below:

mixed doubles4

2.9 Competition Entry Standards
Not Applicable

2.10 Competition Entry Rules
Only an authorised representative of each NDSF is allowed to submit competition entries.

2.11 Non-Starting Athletes
A fine of USD$100 will be levied on each non-starting athlete unless he/she submits a doctor's declaration in writing English that he/she should not be allowed to start.

Please refer to the 7. Individual Sports in the General Technical Rules - Summer Deaflympics, for further details on registration.


4.1 Technical Organisation
ICSD is be responsible for the technical organisation of the competition in conjunction with the International Tennis Federation (ITF).

4.2 Committees

4.2.1 Technical Committee
The Technical Committee is comprised of the ICSD Technical Director and other members nominated by the Organising Committee and approved by ICSD:

Tobias Burz - ICSD Technical Director (Chair)
Alaaddin Boyar - ITF Referee
Çetin Kesici - ITF Referee
Ergün Erün - Sport Liasion Officer
Özgür Erkan - Deaf Representative

4.2.2 Protest Committee
The Protest Committee is comprised of the ICSD Technical Director and other members nominated by the Organising Committee and approved by ICSD:

Tobias Burz - ICSD Technical Director (Chair)
Alaaddin Boyar - ITF Referee
Çetin Kesici - ITF Referee

4.3 Competition Rules
The competitions will be conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the ITF. In case of disagreement in the interpretation of the Rules and Regulations, the English text shall prevail. Unforeseen incidents not covered by the Rules and Regulations shall be dealt with as follow:

4.3.1 Cases of a general nature will be resolved in accordance with the Deaflympics Regulations, General Technical Rules - Summer Deaflympics and this Tennis Technical Regulations.

4.3.2 Cases of a technical nature related to competition rules will be resolved in accordance with the ITF Rules and Regulations.

4.4 Competition Equipment

All equipment used during competition must comply with the ITF Rules and Regulations.

4.5 Competition Clothing

4.5.1 Participants must wear competitive uniforms representing their nationality, duly registered and published in accordance with the ITF Rules and Regulations.

4.5.2 Participants must observe the Deaflympics Regulations regarding advertisements on their uniforms and clothing worn in the competition area.

4.6 Draw
The draw for all events will be conducted under control of the Technical Committee and in accordance with the ITF Rules and Regulations.

4.7 Competition Plan
The competition plan will be conducted in accordance with the ITF Rules and Regulations.

4.8 Officials

4.8.1 Judge/Referee/Umpire
Allocation of the officials to conduct the events will be made by the Technical Committee. Whereever possible, officials will posses the ITF international license valid for 2017. However, officials with the highest level of national accreditation may be assigned.

4.8.2 Appointment
The Organising Committe will appoint ITF Referee and an appropriate number of officials to conduct each event.

4.9 Unforeseen Incidents
In the event of unforeseen incidents not covered by the rules and regulations, the Technical Committee will make a determination. In the absence of the Technical Committee, the ICSD Technical Director will make a determination.


5.1 Competition Venue
To be announced

5.2 Training Venue
To be announced


6.1 Competition Schedule
To be announced

6.2 Training Schedule
To be announced

6.3 Technical Meeting

6.3.1 Date and Location
To be announced

6.3.2 Attendance
Each participating NDSF may be represented by a maximum of two officials, of whom at least one must be deaf. The NDSF may also bring an interpreter if necessary.


7.1 Hearing Devices
The use of any hearing aid(s)/amplification or cochlear implant is not allowed in the restricted zone area.

7.1.1 Restricted Zone Area
The restricted zone area is in effect at the moment the athlete enter the competition area during the warm-up and competition periods.

7.1.2 Violation and Penalty
When this rule is violated, refer to ICSD Audiogram Regulations 8: Violations and Penalties.


8.1 Procedures for lodging a protest
All sport related protests will be resolved in accordance with the ITF Rules and Regulations and will be adjudicated by the Protest Committee.

8.1.1 Any protest must be written in English on the Official Protest Form. The form and a deposit USD$100 must be given to the ICSD Technical Director within 30 minutes after the official public posting of results.

8.1.2 The ICSD Technical Director will decide whether the protest is sport-related or eligibility-related. The Protest Committee will review all sport-related protests, and the ICSD Representative will review all eligibility-related protests.

8.1.3 The deposit of USD$100 will be returned to the applicant only if the protest is considered valid.

8.2 Procedure for reviewing a protest
The Protest Committee will meet in the competition venue or a designated office at a time decided upon by the ICSD Technical Director.

8.2.1 The ICSD Technical Director will chair of the Protest Committee.

8.2.2 The Sport Liaison Officer (SLO) will be responsible for booking a meeting room and interpreters.

8.2.3 The SLO will contact and inform all members of the Protest Committee of the meeting time and location.

8.2.4 The ICSD Technical Director will be responsible for liaising with the State Sports Association's Competition Manager.

8.2.5 After adjudication, the ICSD Technical Director will forward the original Official Protest Form (along with the protest fee if the protest was denied) to the ICSD Secretariat. The SLO will forward a copy of the form to the Deaflympics Headquarters.


9.1 Age Eligibility (reference: 2.2.2)
The National Deaf Sports Federation shall obtain parental authorisation for all athletes aged 14 and under.

9.2 Courts
There will be 8 courts for the competition, and the competition surface will be acrylic (surface name to be announced).

9.3 Competition Equipment (reference: 4.4)
The ball brand is "Wilson US Open".

9.4 Competition Uniforms (reference: 4.5)
Competition uniforms shall comply with ITF Rules and Regulations. A country name printed in full, approximately 5 cm high, on the back of the competition uniform is encouraged. All players shall dress and present themselves for play in a sportsmanlike manner. Clean and customarily acceptable tennis attire shall be worn. Colours are allowed. Sweatshirts (except in warm-up), gym shorts, dress shirts or any other inappropriate attire shall not be worn during a match. The Referee may instruct a change of attire.

9.5 Draw (reference: 4.6)

9.5.1 Organisation of Draw
The ICSD TD Tennis organizes the draw for the competition. If the ICSD TD Tennis has given his permission, the local tournament director may organise the draw.

9.5.2 Time of Draw
The draw for singles, doubles and mixed doubles events takes part one (1) day before the beginning of the singles event.

9.5.3 Statement of Play Strength
In both singles and doubles events, the Tennis Rankings will be used to determine each participant’s “Strength of Play”. The Tennis Ranking system will be provided by ICSD Technical Director and is published regularly after every tennis competition in accordance with the ICSD Tennis Ranking Guideline.

If a participant has registered and has no international experience, the ICSD Technical Director may determine the participant’s “Strength of Play” by consulting with representatives of the participant’s NDSF prior to the draw.

9.5.4 Changing of Draw
The draw can be changed only by withdrawal of any seeded player and not by withdrawal of any non-seeded player.

If the draw is completed and a nation has then withdrawn the competition the draw will not be changed. In this case at the beginning of the competition, the withdrawn player’s match with the opponent will be recorded as a lost match with a score of 0:6, 0:6. The opponent of the withdrawn player automatically advances into the next round.

9.5.5 Conduction of Draw
The draw will generally be conducted automatically using an official tennis tournament draw software program.

If the draw will be conducted manually, the draw must be conducted so that athletes from the same country cannot play against each other until the quarterfinal round.

9.6 Competition Plan (reference: 4.7)
All match results will be determined by the best of three sets.

A 7-point tiebreak shall be used in each set throughout the competition, except in the final matches of men singles and men doubles where the deciding final set shall be an advantage set.

The "no ad" system will not be conducted in each event.

9.7 Officials (reference: 4.8)

9.7.1 Referee
The referee shall be fully qualified and certified by the ITF as of the year before the competition. The referee shall act in concert with the ICSD Technical Director. However, in matters concerning the interpretation of the rules of Tennis, the referee's decision shall be final.

9.7.2 Chair Umpires and Line Judges
Every match will be officiated by a chair umpire. The chair umpire and five (5) line judges will be used on each court from the quarterfinals onwards.

9.7.3 Ball Boys/Girls
Ball boys/girls will be used from the semifinals onwards.

9.7.4 Appointment (reference: 4.8.2)
The Organising Committee shall appoint an appropriate number of referees, chair umpires, line judges and ball boys/girls.

9.8 Medal Ceremonies
Athletes taking part in the medal ceremony will wear tennis shoes and official tennis jacket with the name of their NDSF on their back.
Team Managers are requested to assist in ensuring that the medalists are readily available and appropriately dressed. Wearing flags, using cameras, etc., are forbidden.