Köln 1981

Location:Köln, Germany
Opening Date:23 Jul 1981
Closing Date:01 Aug 1981

At the Congress, it was the first time that a woman, Mrs. Maria de Bendeguz of Venezuela was elected to the Executive Committee. CISS is the first international sports organization to have a woman elected in a highest committee.

A historical milestone took place here between International Olympic Committee and CISS. IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch was the first IOC president to attend the World Deaf Games.

Doping tests were introduced at the Games.

Countries participated:

Flag: Australia Australia156
Flag: Canada Canada459
Flag: Denmark Denmark022
Flag: France France527
Flag: Great Britain Great Britain7512
Flag: Hungary Hungary101
Flag: Ireland Ireland213
Flag: Italy Italy303
Flag: Japan Japan303
Flag: Netherlands Netherlands5510
Flag: Soviet Union Soviet Union5510
Flag: Spain Spain112
Flag: Sweden Sweden156
Flag: United States United States101121
Flag: West Germany West Germany9615