Copenhagen 1997

Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Date:13 Jul 1997
Closing Date:26 Jul 1997

The Games were hosted by the Danish Deaf Sports Association (DDI), founded in 1922. It was fitting because the DDI also had 75th anniversary celebration of its existence.

The DDI included two new sports competitions as part of the Summer World Games: Bowling and Orienteering.

Sonja Venhauer of Austria received a Fair Play Award from Widex.

Countries participated:

Flag: Belgium Belgium202
Flag: Canada Canada358
Flag: Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei202
Flag: Cyprus Cyprus606
Flag: Denmark Denmark6612
Flag: Finland Finland628
Flag: France France336
Flag: Germany Germany6612
Flag: Greece Greece617
Flag: Hong Kong Hong Kong224
Flag: Iceland Iceland066
Flag: Israel Israel303
Flag: Korea Korea202
Flag: Norway Norway6612
Flag: Pakistan Pakistan101
Flag: Sweden Sweden6612
Flag: United States United States6612