Photo: Francis  ROUSSEL

Flag - CAN Canada

Deaflympic Medals:

5 10 6

First Deaflympic Games: Sofia 1993

Born: 1974

Gender: m

2-time Sportsman of the Year Finalist (1999 and 2001).

Deaflympics / World ChampionshipsSportEventResult
Sofia 1993Swimming100m BreaststrokeSilver
Sofia 1993Swimming100m FreestyleBronze
Sofia 1993Swimming1500m FreestyleGold
Sofia 1993Swimming200m Breaststroke
Sofia 1993Swimming200m Individual MedleySilver
Sofia 1993Swimming400m Freestyle4th
Sofia 1993Swimming400m Individual MedleySilver
Sofia 1993Swimming4x100m Freestyle Relay4th
Sofia 1993Swimming4x100m Medley RelaySilver
Sofia 1993Swimming4x200m Freestyle RelayBronze
Sofia 1993Swimming50m Freestyle
Copenhagen 1997Swimming100m BreaststrokeSilver
Copenhagen 1997Swimming100m Freestyle5th
Copenhagen 1997Swimming1500m FreestyleGold
Copenhagen 1997Swimming200m ButterflyGold
Copenhagen 1997Swimming200m FreestyleBronze
Copenhagen 1997Swimming200m Individual MedleyBronze
Copenhagen 1997Swimming400m FreestyleGold
Copenhagen 1997Swimming400m Individual MedleySilver
Rome 2001Swimming100m BreaststrokeSilver
Rome 2001Swimming100m Freestyle6th
Rome 2001Swimming1500m FreestyleSilver
Rome 2001Swimming200m BreaststrokeBronze
Rome 2001Swimming200m ButterflyGold
Rome 2001Swimming200m Freestyle4th
Rome 2001Swimming200m Individual MedleySilver
Rome 2001Swimming400m FreestyleSilver
Rome 2001Swimming400m Individual MedleyBronze