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Martin stands next to Caxias do Sul sign

Caxias do Sul prepares to host the Summer Deaflympics in 2022

2021 Oct 21
In 24 editions, this is the first time that a city located in Latin America will host the event
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Updates of TC Chairperson’s Report on Caxias do Sul

2021 Oct 17
Technical Commission Chairperson Martin Bogard shares updates about the venues in preparation for 24th Summer Deaflympics as reported to him from the Technical Directors. He also has a couple other tidbits on what makes Caxias do Sul an ideal ho
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TC Chairperson’s Report on Caxias do Sul

2021 Oct 15
Martin Bogard, the chairperson of Technical Commission shares his initial impression about Caxias do Sul after being there for two days for site inspection.
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Caxias is visited by the Organizing Committee of the 24th Deaflympics and the Regional Presidents of ICSD in Asia and Europe

2021 Sep 12
On Saturday the 11th of September, SER Caxias was visited by Deaflympics members and Caxias do Sul Organizing Committee.
Pose for picture inside the mayor's building

Vice Mayor receives international committee representatives

2021 Sep 10
Group visited spaces in the city that will host the Deaflympics, in May 2022
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MOBICAXIAS together with the organizing committee of the Deaf Olympics 2021, receive the visit of the ICSD regional presidents from Asia and Europe

2021 Sep 08
On 8 Sep 2021, the visit of the Regional Presidents of the ICSD and ICSD interim president meet the Caxias do Sul Organizing Committee with MobiCaxias members.

Official and authorised websites for the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf

2021 Aug 24
The official and authorised websites for the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf...

Summer Deaflympics 2021

2021 Aug 12
ICSD continues to take an active role, working alongside the Brazilian authorities and Organizing Committee, to deliver the best possible event with all necessary health and safety measures required.

ICSD announces the implementation of the CAS award

2021 Jul 12
The decision taken by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 17 December 2020 regarding the case of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency needs to be strictly and consistently implemented across the Deaflympics Movement.
Gustavo talks to people on screen

Postponement of the 2021 Summer Deaflympics

2021 Feb 03
It was decided that the 2021 Summer Deaflympics should take place between the 01 and 15 May 2022 in Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
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Inauguration of the Countdown Clock for the beginning of the 24th Summer Deaflympics

2020 Dec 05
Today we celebrate another milestone for the 2021 Summer Deaflympics: the inauguration of the 365-day countdown clock for the event.
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ICSD Legal Commisssion - Ensuring justice for our Committee

2020 Oct 07
We are pleased to announce that the ICSD Legal Commission is now staffed and will start to work from this week on.
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Official Statement of ICSD Vice President

2020 Sep 17
It is high time we stopped the current confrontation and unrest, leading us and entire ICSD to distrustful chaos.

Brazil Declares Host for the Summer Deaflympics in 2021

2020 Feb 26
ICSD is pleased to release today that Brazil has been selected by ICSD and confirmed to win the bidding of the 24th Summer Deaflympics

Doping Control and Audiology Testing during the Winter Deaflympics 2019

2020 Feb 04
The 2019 Winder Deaflympics took place in Northern Italy from 12 to 21 December 2019. 923 people from 34 countries have joined hands under the umbrella of the deaf sports spirit.
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2020 Happy New Year Wishes and Greetings

2019 Dec 24
Our sincerely thanks to all our members for their hosting and support of all World Deaf Sports Championships this year. In addition, we thank FSSI (Italy) for their great effort in hosting the 19th Winter Deaflympics with 493 athletes from 34 countries
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ICSD Executive Board meeting in September 2019

2019 Oct 05
ICSD Executive Board was held in Lausanne, Switzerland recently. We have already discussed on many issues during the meeting, and here is the summary in 4 key issues as follows,
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First message of the ICSD President

2019 Jul 09
All former Presidents of ICSD (CISS) have the same goal in putting the focus on Deaf Athletes who are the most important. We shall continue the same goal.

New ICSD President

2019 Jun 21
The ICSD Executive Board wishes to announce the appointment of the ICSD Vice President of World Sports, Mr. Kang CHEN, as the ICSD Interim President with immediate effect.