ICSD decision on participation of Russian and Belarusian deaf athletes in ICSD-sanctioned competitions and events

Following the International Olympic Committee's decision on 8 December 2023, the ICSD Executive Board has resolved that deaf athletes from Russia and Belarus are permitted to participate in ICSD-sanctioned eventsng from 1 February 2024. For comprehensive details, please refer to the document available at http://ciss.org/pdf/russian_and_belarusian_deaf_athletes_in_icsd_sanctioned_competitions.pdf

It is crucial to emphasize that we stand in unwavering solidarity with the Ukrainian people, including deaf athletes. Our active efforts are dedicated to seeking solutions for the Ukrainian people and deaf athletes, and not for conflict or war. The ICSD firmly believes that establishing a transparent framework for determining eligibility will contribute to fostering understanding among participants, thereby advancing the cause of peace.