Rajeev BAGGA


Christchurch 1989BadmintonsinglesGold
Christchurch 1989BadmintondoublesGold
Sofia 1993BadmintonsinglesGold
Sofia 1993BadmintondoublesGold
Copenhagen 1997BadmintonsinglesGold
Copenhagen 1997BadmintondoublesGold
Rome 2001BadmintonsinglesGold
Rome 2001BadmintondoublesGold
Melbourne 2005BadmintonsinglesGold
Melbourne 2005BadmintondoublesGold
Taipei 2009BadmintonsinglesSilver
Taipei 2009Badmintondoubles4th
Sofia 2013Badmintondoubles
Photo - BAGGA Rajeev

Flag - GBR India

Born: 06 Apr 1967

A resident of the city of Mumbay, state of Maharashtra. While his nation of India is a world power in badminton, he is the only deaf to win the national titles in singles among the non-deaf twice. Over 59 times he represented the national team in various prestigious tournaments sanctioned by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) - the Commonwealth Games, Thomas Cup, Malaysian Open, Swiss Open and Asian Badminton Championships. The only deaf player to be listed on the annual BWF rankings. Employed as a sports instructor at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
2007 Sportsman of the Year Award Winner and 4-time Sportsman of the Year Finalist (1996, 1997, 2000, and 2003).
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