Flag - SRB Yugoslavia

Born: 1936

A role model for many young – both deaf and hearing – Yugoslav football players. A long time captain of the national team, who possessed the charisma, the inspirational leadership and the versatile playmaking skills, he led his team to four world titles in the span of 12 years – no other national team in the sports accomplished such a feat in the long and glorious history of the CISS. By playing the position of a forward in many different international matches whose outcome was in doubt, he was often the team's savior – for example, he scored a decisive goal in the 1965 Deaf World Games' football final against Italy, which enabled his team to capture the gold medal.

Milan 1957FootballfootballGold
Helsinki 1961FootballfootballGold
Washington DC 1965FootballfootballGold
Belgrade 1969FootballfootballGold