Erzurum 2024

Location:Erzurum, Turkiye
Opening Date:02 Mar 2024
Closing Date:12 Mar 2024
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Ukrainian Delegation Visits Erzurum for the Winter Deaflympics 2023

19 Dec 2023
Leonid Kasitskyi, President of the Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation, praises Turkiye's readiness for the event in Erzurum. Impressed by snow-covered mountains, he commends the Turkiye Organizing Committee and ICSD for their professional coordination, expres

Video available

Ankara 2024 - Site Inspection

09 Jun 2023
Video announcing site inspection for the Winter Deaflympics in Türkiye.

Countries participated:

Flag: Algeria Algeria12012
Flag: Armenia Armenia404
Flag: Austria Austria336
Flag: Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina606
Flag: Brazil Brazil151530
Flag: China China141327
Flag: Croatia Croatia5813
Flag: Czech Republic Czech Republic14014
Flag: France France415
Flag: Germany Germany71421
Flag: Great Britain Great Britain01313
Flag: Greece Greece101
Flag: Hungary Hungary9817
Flag: India India347
Flag: Iran Iran13013
Flag: Ireland Ireland099
Flag: Italy Italy281442
Flag: Japan Japan182139
Flag: Kazakhstan Kazakhstan141327
Flag: Korea Korea11718
Flag: Kuwait Kuwait13013
Flag: Latvia Latvia022
Flag: Mongolia Mongolia202
Flag: Netherlands Netherlands12012
Flag: Pakistan Pakistan101
Flag: Poland Poland131932
Flag: Serbia Serbia404
Flag: Slovakia Slovakia202
Flag: Spain Spain111021
Flag: Switzerland Switzerland628
Flag: Thailand Thailand14014
Flag: Turkiye Turkiye302555
Flag: Ukraine Ukraine191635
Flag: Uzbekistan Uzbekistan639