Rome 2001 - Football

Location:Rome, Italy
Opening Date:22 Jul 2001
Closing Date:01 Aug 2001

With the International Olympic Committee's approval for the word change of "World Games for the Deaf" to "Deaflympics" in May 2001, Rome was the first to host the Summer Games using this new identity.

Kristina Dovydaityte of Lithuania received a $3000 Fair Play Award from Widex.

Countries participated:

Flag: Algeria Algeria21021
Flag: Argentina Argentina18018
Flag: Croatia Croatia22022
Flag: Denmark Denmark18018
Flag: France France22022
Flag: Germany Germany20020
Flag: Greece Greece22022
Flag: Iran Iran22022
Flag: Ireland Ireland22022
Flag: Italy Italy22022
Flag: Malaysia Malaysia18018
Flag: Spain Spain22022
Flag: Turkiye Turkiye22022
Flag: Ukraine Ukraine18018
Flag: United States United States22022
Flag: Uzbekistan Uzbekistan21021