Sofia 2013 - Football

Location:Sofia, Bulgaria
Opening Date:26 Jul 2013
Closing Date:04 Aug 2013

ICSD is forever grateful to Bulgaria for having successfully hosted the 22nd Summer Deaflympics after accepting the responsibility at such late notice in 2012 to make preparations.  It was because the original host country had withdrawn.  And the alternate host had also backed off.  Furthermore, in February 2013, when the deaf Bulgarian organizers were in the middle of making progress with the plans, the Bulgarian Government decided to discontinue funding the host-city projects due to political changes.  That didn't discourage the organizers.  The Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation (BSDF) took the whole financial responsibility in their hands to continue with the projects by successfully obtaining several sponsors.  "On behalf of all the world's deaf athletes, I would like to express my sincere thanks to our Bulgarian friends," the ICSD's then president said.

Sofa was no stranger to deaf competitions.  The city had hosted several world championships in a variety of sports such as badminton, football, table tennis, and wrestling.  Most notably, the city also held 17th Summer Deaflympics in 1993.  That made Sofia one of the only two cities to have hosted two summer Deaflympics.


Countries participated:

Flag: Argentina Argentina19019
Flag: Denmark Denmark22022
Flag: Egypt Egypt22022
Flag: Germany Germany201737
Flag: Great Britain Great Britain01919
Flag: Greece Greece231740
Flag: Iran Iran18018
Flag: Iraq Iraq20020
Flag: Ireland Ireland20020
Flag: Japan Japan231841
Flag: Korea Korea19019
Flag: Nigeria Nigeria17017
Flag: Poland Poland01919
Flag: Russian Federation Russian Federation202040
Flag: Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia19019
Flag: Turkiye Turkiye22022
Flag: Ukraine Ukraine22022
Flag: United States United States01515
Flag: Venezuela Venezuela23023