42nd ICSD Congress Minutes - Taipei 2009


3-4 September 2009

Thursday, 3 September at 13:00

    1. Roll Call:
      71 Countries and 71 votes

    1. Appointment of Chairman of Congress:
      Adam Kosa was appointed as the Chairman of Congress with Knud Sondergaard as an advisor and would be responsible for elections. - Approved

    1. Appointment of Scrutineers:
      Jill Lovett, Kjell Gunna, and Kung-Tung Chou - Approved

    1. Welcome Messages:
      President Donalda Ammons welcomed everyone to the Congress and introduced Adam Kosa. She explained that according to ICSD by-laws -Article 1.2- the Chairperson of the Congress shall be the President of the ICSD or his designate. Therefore, she asked Mr. Kosa , as a member of the ICSD Legal Commission, to conduct the Congress as Chairperson, with assistance from Mr. Knud Sondergaard, another member of the ICSD Legal Commission. President Ammons also introduced special guests- Jill Lovett and Kuo-Tung Chou as well as all of our Summer Technical Directors, and our Commission teams that were here working at the Deaflympics such as the Audiological Commission, Anti-doping Commission and the Legal Commission.

      Then, there was a welcome message from Dr. Emile Sheng, President of Taipei Deaflympics Organizing Committee (TDOC)

      Adoption of Agenda - (61 accepted; 1 opposed; 7 abstained) - Approved

    2. In Memoriam:
      There was a one minute silence for all athletes, coaches, leaders, who had passed away since 2007.
      Those names in memory are listed below:
      Andreas Kallevik NOR (1-2007) Shooting
      Daniel Denis Beech NZL (2-2007) Delegate of DSFNZ
      Nelli Predel RUS (2-2007) Leader
      Renata Jakubone (Mazaika) LAT (2-2007) Swimming
      Paul Setzer II USA (3-2007) Speed Skating
      Tatiana Mironova RUS (3-2007) Table Tennis
      Marzio Zanatta ITA (3-2007) TD Football
      Ebbe Örlegård SWE (5-2007) Member of SDI EC
      Aleksandar Zivaonovic YUG (6-2007) Athletics
      Severino Parati SUI (6-2007) Curling
      Andrius Jankus LTU (7-2007) Badminton
      Joze Kralj SLO (7-2007) Basketball
      Alfred Pevcin, Jr. SLO (9-2007) Basketball
      Dragoslav Janicijevic YUG (10-2007) Athletics
      Geir Flatemo NOR (11-2007) Handball
      Emma Louise Agnew NZL (11-2007) Sports Administrator
      Christer Leljevahl SWE (12-2007) Athletics and Bowling
      Iosif Comsa ROU (12-2007) President of ASDR
      Aranka Implon HUN (2-2008) Table Tennis
      Albert Jean Jean FRA (2-2008) Athletics Trainer
      David Pertsowsky FRA (2-2008) Athletics
      Dmitry Gromov RUS (3-2008) Volleyball
      Ingrid Storedale NOR (3-2008) Cross Country Skiing
      Jerald M. Jordan USA (3-2008) ICSD President and Honorary Member
      Christos Kostopoulos GRE (5-2008) Football
      Clifford Kofi Asare GHA (5-2008) Leader in GDSF and ICSD Assistant Volleyball TD
      Paul Sweeney USA (7-2008) Speed Skating
      Frits Luit NED (10-2008) Volleyball and Chairman of OLDI
      Johnny Schelander SWE (11-2008) Member of SDI EC and Tennis
      Helge Kjølleberg NOR (11-2008) Swimming
      Krystyna Lewinska POL (11-2008) Athletics
      Daniel Marchesan FRA (12-2008) Vice President of FSSF and Tennis
      Barthelemy Podetti FRA (3-2009) President of ‘ille de france’ Deaf Sports
      Tsu Ping Ki HKG (5-2009) President of HKSAD & APDSC EC member
      Robert Dillman USA (6-2009) Diving
      Stig Johansson SWE (6-2009) Shooting
      Raimo Parkkinen FIN (7-2009) Bowling
      Pieter Schiltmans NED (8-2009) Leader in Holland Deaf Sports


    1. Confirmation of Minutes:
      40th Congress - Salt Lake City (February 2007) and 41st Extraordinary Congress - Bratislava (September 2008).

      (58 accepted, 3 opposed, 8 abstained) - Approved

    1. President's Report:
      A slide-show presentation was given by President Donalda Ammons. A copy of report booklet was distributed to each delegate.

      (67 accepted, 3 abstained) - Approved

      After 15 years of serving on the Executive Committee and 35 years of being involved with deaf sports, President Ammons announced that with ICSD being in good shape and going in the right direction, she felt it was her time to move forwards. Therefore, she asked that her name as one of the candidates for President of ICSD be withdrawn.

      Comments to President's report:
      • Netherlands: ICSD would need to update website more frequently if we are interested in increasing internet hits.
      • Sweden: Whenever a technical director (TD) resigns, or "disappears", ICSD shall notify their national federation.
      • Belgium: On the roster of TDs please identify the countries they are from.
        President's response - TDs do not represent a country - they shall remain neutral.
      • Belgium: How do you control deaf athlete who wears hearing aid or cochlear implant in hearing competition and breaks a world record?
        President's response - wearing a hearing aid or cochlear implant provides equity for deaf athlete when competing with hearing and is acceptable.
      • Slovakia: We must support President Ammons and encourage her not to withdraw her nomination.
        President's response - "Thank you- I have served well and it is time to leave."


    1. Finance Report 2006-2008:
      Report was presented by Terry Berrigan an ICSD accountant who provided the 2006-2008 audited financial report for review.

      (66 accepted; 4 abstained) - Approved

    1. Break/Pause:
      14:59 to 15:29

    1. Admission and Recognition of National Federations:
      After meeting the membership criteria, a total of 8 countries have been approved for Membership:
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Ivory Coast
      • Iraq
      • Jordan
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Seychelles
      • Sierra Leone
      • Yemen

      A total of 25 countries have applied for membership and all the applications have been reviewed by the ICSD Legal Commission. We now have a total of 104 countries with voting privileges.

  1. Adjourned:

Friday, 4 September at 08:47

    1. Roll Call:
      71 Countries and 71 votes

    1. Welcome Message
      Welcome by Mr. Markku Jokinen , President of World Federation of the Deaf (WFD).

    1. New Proposals for Adoptions: (attachment in PDF)
      • Constitution
      • Deaflympics Regulations
      • Deaf World Championships
      • General

      All proposals that have been approved would become effective immediately and updated on the ICSD website (November 2009).

      President Ammons announced that starting in 2013 at the Summer Deaflympics in Athens, both water polo and handball would be dropped from the competition program, due to lack of sufficient team participation for the past 3 consecutive Deaflympics. Teams participating in those two sports have generally been only from the EDSO region.

    1. Applications and reports for Deaf World Championships:
      • 2010 World Deaf Golf Championships - St. Andrews, Great Britain
      • 2010 World Deaf Beach Volleyball Championships - Tel Aviv, Israel

      Lunch Break - 12:00 to 13:00

      • 2010 World Deaf Swimming Championship - Lisbon, Portugal
      • 2011 World Deaf Badminton Championships - Seoul, Korea
      • 2011 World Deaf Bowling Championships - Buenos Aires, Argentina
      • 2011 World Deaf Cycling Championships - Montreal, Canada
      • 2011 Cup Dresse and Maere - Izmir, Turkey

      A short break was made to welcome Dr. Robert Davila, President of Gallaudet University, Washington DC, USA to the Congress.

      • 2011 World Deaf Basketball Championships - Palermo, Italy
      • 2010 World Youth Deaf Basketball Championships - Lublin, Poland
      • 2011 World Deaf Futsal Championship - Örebro, Sweden
      • 2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships - Toronto, Canada
      • 2012 World Deaf Football Championships - Ankara, Turkey

      These countries had an opportunity to provide either a progress report or bidding information for their upcoming Championship events. Details are available on our Calendar of Events on the Deaflympics website.

      All progress reports and bids for world championships have been accepted.

    2. Final Report from 2007 Winter Deaflympics- Salt Lake City, United States:
      Video slide presentation was given by the 2007 Winter Deaflympics Chair Dwight Benedict and his points included the factors to success - Sponsorship; demanding but supportive board; and volunteers and thanked the ICSD delegates for the honor of hosting the 2007 Winter Deaflympics. The SLC 2007 Organizing Committee made a profit of 84,000 US dollars and split in 50%- US$ 42,000 was given to ICSD and US$ 42,000 to USADSF.

      Comments from President Ammons: A huge thank you to Mr. Benedict and USADSF for hosting the huge and successful event in a very short time frame. She also wanted to mention that USA was the only country that managed to make a profit four times- 1965 Summer Games in Washington DC; 1975 Winter Games in Lake Placid, New York; 1985 Summer Games in Los Angeles, California, and 2007 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah. The money has been a great help to ICSD.

    1. Report from 2009 Taipei Summer Deaflympics Organizing Committee:
      A progress report was given by Mr. Lin, Chief Operating Officer of the Taipei Deaflympics Organizing Committee. All went well as planned - the committee has implemented the necessary changes that the Technical Directors have recommended at the venues. The weather would be good for the Opening Ceremony and the Typhoon forecast has been over which is good news. Traffic continues to be a problem which we are looking at very closely, each team has one bus, but cars are made available for individual sports or team leaders. We will need to see how transportation works and may need some flexibility and changes. We have daily meeting where we meet every night to resolve problems. We have recruited so many volunteers, about 8,000. We will assign one volunteer per team.

      Comments from President Ammons: a friendly reminder to the delegates that from the 6th of September and forward, every day at 8 am there would be a Chef de Mission meeting in the Basketball venue on the 3rd floor. The purpose of this would be for the teams to address issues and concerns to the Organizing Committee who in turn would find ways to resolve issues/concerns. For other questions, see Mr. Lin outside of meeting room

    1. Report from 2011 Winter Deaflympics - High Tatras, Slovakia:
      A progress report on High Tatras, Slovakia was given by Mr. Jaromir Ruda and Mr. Mokos, with a video presentation. Mr. Ruda continued to say that the organizing committee for the 2011 Winter Deaflympics in High Tatras, Slovakia is intact and that plans are underway for the 2011 Winter Games. All information is available in the brochure. There would be 5 sports and 2 demonstration sports, which are biathlon and short track speed skating. Mr. Jan Mokos, the mayor of High Tatras, read greetings from the President of Slovakia.

    1. Progress Report from 2013 Summer Deaflympics - Athens, Greece:
      A summary was provided by the 2013 Athens Games Organizing Committee (GOC) , with a video presentation of Greece and Olympic movement. The 2013 Athens Summer Deaflympics Organizing Committee has stated that it remains committed to providing an excellent organization. The OC President, Marianna Vardinoyannis is dedicated to social issues, sport and well being nationally and internationally and she shows respect to the Hellenic Athletic Federation of the Deaf (HAFD). Their venues are of high standards and meet the requirements of ICSD and national federations. The official website www.athens2013summerdeaflympics.com would soon become available. The 2013 Athens GOC expressed sincere thanks to ICSD for their excellent cooperation.

    1. Selection of 2015 Winter Deaflympics - Vancouver, Canada:
      Mr. DJ Lampitt provided a candidature bid package for each of the delegates and showed a video presentation of the city of Vancouver and what it has to offer.

      Approved by ALL for VANCOUVER, CANADA to host the 18th Winter Deaflympics in 2015.

    1. 2017 Summer Deaflympics - Barcelona Spain Informal/preliminary presentation:
      (London is also tentatively interested - a formal vote will take place in 2011 in Slovakia). A video presentation was provided to gain interest from the delegates to vote for Barcelona. The formal bidding process will take place in 2011.

    1. Election of Executive Committee for 2009 - 2013:
      70 countries and 70 eligible votes

      Chair of Elections: Knud Sondergaard assumed the role of overseeing the elections.

      Election for President
      Craig Crowley (Great Britain) - 33 - New President
      Valery Rukhledev (Russian Federation) - 32
      Donalda Ammons (United States) - withdrew her nomination
      Invalid votes - 2
      Blank votes - 3

      Election for Vice President - World Deaf Sports
      Josef Willmerdinger (Germany) - 38 - New Vice President, World Deaf Sports
      Dogan Ozdemir (Turkey) - 28
      Invalid votes - 4
      Blank votes - 0

      Election for Vice President - Youth Deaf Sports
      David Lanesman (Israel) - 36 - New Vice President, Youth Deaf Sports
      Dogan Ozdemir (Turkey) - 26
      Invalid votes - 4
      Blank votes - 4

      Election for Member at large (2)
      Vanessa Migliosi (Italy) - elected by acclamation - New Member at large
      Usman Ahmad Nahuche (Nigeria) - absent
      Jun Zhang (China) - withdrew her nomination

      Additional member at large position will be filled by the new Executive Committee in the near future.

    1. Miscellaneous:
      • President Ammons reminded the delegates that there would be an award dinner that night at 19.00, to honor the 2007-2008 Sportsman/woman of the Year recipients.
      • President Ammons concluded the Congress with a sincere thank you to all Executive Committee, TDs, Commissions, and ICSD members. She also introduced and congratulated new ICSD President Craig Crowley to the audience.
      • Vice President David Lanesman asked members to give a big Thank You to President Ammons.
      • President Ammons then declared the closing of 42nd ICSD Congress.


  1. Adjourned: