43rd ICSD Congress Minutes - Rome 2011



13 - 15 September 2011


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

1. Roll Call:

47 member countries in attendance.


2. Welcoming Remarks:

ICSD President Craig Crowley welcomed everyone to the Congress in Rome; following

the cancellation of the Winter Deaflympics in Slovakia. With special mentioned to the

Federazione Sport Sordi Italia to host the 43rd Congress in Rome.

Federazione Sport Sordi Italia President Daniela Mazzocco welcomed everyone to Rome.

After the failure of the 2011 Winter Deaflympics she wanted to ensure deaf sports

continued through the turmoil. Need to work together to secure funding, sponsorship

and preparation.

Manuela Di Centa, Honorary Member of the IOC and former IOC Athlete’s Commission

member spoke of a shared love for sport and ICSD’s future within the Olympic

Movement. She added the importance of lobbying governments to ensure deaf athletes

are treated fairly.

Colin Allen, the President of the World Federation for the Deaf spoke. WFD originated in

Rome. President Allen explained the use of sign language included in U.N. 4 paragraphs

in the charter of rights. WFD hopes to partner with the ICSD to ensure we have all the

information on human rights for deaf. The WFD challenges us to look into the future, not

the past.

President Pancalli President of the Italian Paralympic Committee stated that there is a

need to respect each other within Parasport and deaf sport. Paralympic and deaf sports

work together in Italy. Both have different agendas, but work together well and with

respect. Athletes need to come first.


3. President’s address

President Craig Crowley explained ICSD’s approach, within the context of the current

strategic plan:

1.) Sport - FIRST

2.) STRONGER Deaflympics

3.) MORE opportunities

4.) MORE visible and partnerships

5.) BETTER member of Olympics Movements


Crowley spoke about the challenges facing ICSD after the cancellation of the Slovakia

Deaflympics. ICSD needs to to create more and better opportunities for athletes.




4. Appointment of moderators and scrutinisers, adoption of agenda:

President Crowley welcomed Mark Wheatley and Jeff McWhinney as moderators.

Following the appointment of scrutineers, a vote was held to acknowledge a quorum

adopt the agenda proposed for Congress.

Agenda: Yes – 36

No – 3

Abstain – 1

Vote to proceed approved.


5. Additional delegates, observers

USA proposed to add items to the agenda, in order that a number of additional delegates

and observers should join congress. Ukraine seconded the proposal.

First the USA proposed considering the addition of Donalda Ammons as a delegate for

the USA:


Yes – 21

No – 9

Abstain – 4

With less than 75% support, the item was not added to the agenda.


Then the USA proposed considering the addition of Tiffany Williams as a delegate for

the USA and the addition of Josef Willmerdinger and Wayne Langbein as observers:


Yes – 23

No – 6

Abstain – 10

With less than 75% support, the item was not added to the agenda.


6. Confirmation of Minutes:

42nd Congress in Taipei (September 2009) – Approved.


7. Admission and Recognition of National Federations:



Yes - 38

No – 2

Abstain - 2



Yes - 36

No – 3

Abstain - 0



The Slovakian Deaflympics Committee was suspended following the failure of the

Slovakian Deaflympics. Delegates considered a permanent ban.

Yes – 34

No – 0

Abstain – 1


With less than 75% of members in favour of a permanent ban, the Slovakian Deaflympics

Committee remained a member.


8. Chief Executive’s report.

Mark Cooper started work as ICSD Chief Executive in March of 2011. He addressed


CEO Mark Cooper confirmed that former Slovakian Deaflympics Committee president

Jaromir Ruda had been imprisoned for jail for 13 years for convictions of fraud from

2008 (non-Deaflympic fraud).

He stated the police had received all relative documents from the countries affected by

the Deaflympics fraud and were investigating.

Total of $1.6 million Euros was fraud from the countries by the Slovakian Deaflympics


Cooper reminded delegate that all countries hosting Deaflympics must have Government

support, financial guarantees and thorough inspections.

Cooper discussed the Olympic movement and the ICSD and spoke of the core values of

the International Olympic Committee: -Friendship, Excellence and Respect. He also

addressed the Paralympic values: courage, determination, inspiration and equality. The

Deaflympics values have been identified as: Inclusiveness, responsibility, Fair Play,

Enjoyment, Excellence, Leadership, Enjoyment, Legacy.


9. IOC remarks

Jean-Laurent Bourquin of the IOC’s Sports department joined congress via the internet:

o Intent to have a good working relationship with ICSD.

o recognise Deaf Sport, aim to follow Olympic Charter, get rid of discrimination.

o ICSD has same values as IOC & IPC.

o must highlight ‘Sport First’

o Athlete commission – speak for their rights when participate in sport.

o ICSD has similar model as IOC & IPC.


Deaflympics reports

Representatives from Greece and Canada addressed the failure of Athens as Deaflympics

host for 2013 and Vancouver 2015. They identified the common problem of missing

governmental guarantees and underlined the importance of bids working with national

deaf sports federations.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011


1. Roll Call:

47 member countries in attendance.


2. ICSD Report: Operating Plan.

Progress report by CEO Mark Cooper.

The board has put forward a strategic plan that represent’s ICSD’s vision to 2013.

Objectives must be measured so the board can determine success.


Cooper gave two examples of operating plan objectives:


a) Aim: To increase the visibility of deaf sports.

The ICSD board agreed to get recognition in major sport competitions.

Action: Lobbying for inclusion

Who: Delegates and ICSD

Measure: Increased recognition by sporting bodies

2011 Objective: Commonwealth Games inclusion.

Commonwealth games include 25% of our members. In 2014, Glasgow will host the next

Commonwealth Games. Commonwealth Games will have all events combined: hearing

then Paralympics and then Deaf. Commonwealth Games organizers want to include deaf.

The objective is to include deaf people in the Commonwealth Games. This will be

followed in future years by inclusion in Para Pan-Am Games, Mediterranean Games, etc.


b) Aim: Membership growth.

Action: Identify and help new members.

Who: Board members and staff.

Measure: New members to be presented at the Congress.

2011 Objective: Minimum two new members presented to the Congress.

The objective was to increase membership by 2 this year. This was accomplished with

the adoption of France and Mauritius.


3. ICSD Report: Home Office.

Mark Cooper will conduct a review of the home office and present findings to the

executive board.


4. Athlete’s Commission.

Live online feed from Dean Barton-Smith in Australia, he highlighted the importance of

creating an effective Athlete’s Commission; the Commission should represent athletes

within the Deaflympic movement and uphold the rights and obligations of the athletes.


5. Financial Report:

Audited account for 2008-9 were distributed, together with draft accounts for 2009-

2010 and the current year up to the beginning of congress. The accounts were presented

and discussed. ICSD’s finances were discussed.

Vote to accept financial year 2009 accounts.


Yes – 30

No – 1

Abstain – 11

2009 accounts approved.


6. Reports for World Deaf Championships:

· The Dresse & Maere Cup 2011 was successfully held in Turkey.

· Orienteering was held in Ukraine: 35 % of participants were women. Volleyball

invitational in USA: Gallaudet University provided facilities and support.

· Swimming in Portugal: 47 countries participated with many records broken.

· Bowling in Argentina : 140 athletes.

· Basketball in Italy: DIBF suspension resolved.

· Badminton in Korea: event postponed several months due to Japanese tsunami.

· Football in Sweden: preparations well under way.

· Golf in Japan: (2012) World Deaf Golf Federation president pleased with



7. New Proposals for Adoptions (for a full description of each motion, please see the


· Proposal number 3: Deaf Sports Australia

Deaf Sports Australia called for a complete revision of ICSD’s governance.

Recognizing the need for this, many other proposals aimed at governance were

added to Deaf Sports Australia’s motion. The additions were:


1 Islamic Repulic Of Iran Deaf Sport Federation

2 ICSD Executive Board

4 USA Deaf Sport Federation

5 ICSD Executive Board

6 Islamic Republic Of Iran Deaf Sport Federation

7 Kazakhstan Sports Union Of The Deaf

8 USA Deaf Sport Federation

9 USA Deaf Sport Federation

11 USA Deaf Sport Federation

12 ICSD Executive Board

13 ICSD Executive Board

14 ICSD Executive Board

15 ICSD Executive Board

16 ICSD Executive Board

17 ICSD Executive Board

18 ICSD Executive Board

19 ICSD Executive Board

20 ICSD Executive Board

21 ICSD Executive Board

22 ICSD Executive Board

23 ICSD Executive Board

24 ICSD Executive Board

25 ICSD Executive Board

26 USA Deaf Sport Federation

29 ICSD Executive Board

30 ICSD Executive Board

31 ICSD Executive Board

32 ICSD Executive Board

33 ICSD Executive Board & Canadian Deaf Sports Association

34 ICSD Executive Board

35 ICSD Executive Board

36 ICSD Executive Board

37 ICSD Executive Board

38 ICSD Executive Board

39 ICSD Executive Board

41 ICSD Executive Board

42 ICSD Executive Board

43 ICSD Executive Board

44 ICSD Executive Board

45 ICSD Executive Board

46 UK Deaf Sport

49 USA Deaf Sport Federation

50 Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation

51 Sportna Zveza Gluhih Slovenije (Slovenia)

54 Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation

55 Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation

60 Swedish Deaf Sports Federation

61 Swedish Deaf Sports Federation

62 Swedish Deaf Sports Federation

63 Hellenic Athletic Federation Of The Deaf

64 Sportna Zveza Gluhih Slovenije (Slovenia)


Yes – 29

No – 10

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 10: Zambia Sports Association of the Deaf.

Proposal void: non attendance.


· Proposal 27: Finnish Athletic Association of the Deaf.

Proposal amended: “deaf sports should follow international sports federation

with regard to the distribution of medals”.

Yes – 37

No – 1

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 28:Federazione Sport Sordi Italia.

Yes – 13

No – 17

Proposal refused.


· Proposal 40: UK Deaf Sport: Great Britain.

Yes – 26

No – 5

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 48: USA Deaf Sports Federation.

Yes – 3

No – 26

Proposal refused.


· Proposal 52:Belgian Deaf sport Committee.

Yes – 30

No – 0

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 53: Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation.

Proposal suspended pending review.


· Proposal 56: Ukraine Deaf Sports Federation.

Yes – 39

No – 0

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 57: Croatian Deaf Sports Association.

Yes – 10

No – 15

Proposal refused.


· Proposal 58: Croatian Deaf Sports Association.

Yes – 33

No – 2

Proposal approved.


· Proposal 59: Croatian Deaf Sports Association.

Proposal approved – will be considered alongside governance

reform (see proposal 3).


· Proposal 11: USA Deaf Sports Federation..

Proposal suspended pending more details from DIFA about their

relationship with FIFA.


· Proposal 47: Russian Committee of Deaf Sports.

Proposal withdrawn.



Thursday, 15 September 2011


1. Roll Call:

47 member countries in attendance.


2. World Championships reports

2012 World Deaf Alpine Skiing – Davos: Switzerland.

World Deaf Cup will be separate from 2012 European Deaf Championships; as

Europeans is by invitation only.


2012 World Deaf Beach Volleyball – Illichivsk: Ukraine.

The Beach Volleyball championships may take place in Illichivsk; which 27kms away

from the international airport of Odessa. Financial guarantees have not yet been



2012 World Deaf Table Tennis – Tokyo: Japan.

18 April 2012 : Opening Ceremony, preparations under way.


2012 World Deaf Athletics Championships – Toronto: Canada.

There are issues with the budget for Athletics. ICSD is currently looking closely at the

budget. ICSD has given Toronto more time to get Government support.


2012 World Deaf Volleyball Championships – Sofia: Bulgaria.

The Volleyball championships will be taken place in Sofia between 14-20 August 2012;

using new facilities.


2012 World Deaf Football Championships – Ankara: Turkey

The World Deaf Football Championships in Ankara will be for men’s and women’s

football. 16 men’s team and 8 women’s team. The matches will take place in one venue


2012 World Deaf Wrestling – Sofia: Bulgaria.

The Championships will take place on 1-11 September 2012. Preliminary forms are due

on 4 November 2011. The venue has up to 2300 seats, at the university.


2012 World Deaf Martial Arts Championships. Neueva Spara: Venezuela.

There were two inspections in Venezuela for the championships; in October 2012.

The venue will be at Ciudad de la Asuncion, all transport will be provided by the host.


3. Deaflympics reports

2013 Deaflympics – Budapest: Hungary.

President Craig Crowley highlighted the problems of lack of time for the 2013

Deaflympics; following the cancellation in Athens.

He welcomed the Hungarian Sport Federation (Magyar Hallássérültek Sportszövetsége)

and their impressive bid on hosting 2013 Deaflymipcs.

A video message was given by the President of the Hungarian Deaf Sports Federation,,

who will join with the Hungarian Paralympic Committee.

A presentation was made by the Hungarian bid. It was made clear that financial

guarantees would be sought before the end of 2011, in order to go ahead with the bid.

The bid was unanimously welcomed by the delegates.


4. 2017 Summer Deaflympics.

Three countries have submitted their bid to host 2017 Deaflympics. They presented

their bid to the delegates at the Congress.

a) Ankara, Turkey.

b) Barcelona, Spain.

c) Buenos Aires, Argentina.


1st round Voting

1. Ankara- -19

2. Barcelona 11

3. Buenos Aires – 17


2nd round voting

1. Ankara - 25

2. Buenos Aires – 22


Ankara, Turkey wins the bid to host the 2017 Summer Deaflympics.


5. Re-consideraton of Slovakian deaf sports.

The Slovakian government had made it clear to ICSD that enabling Slovakian deaf

athletes to compete again would be welcomed. And this course of action would best

benefit future chances of compensation for the failure of the 2011 winter Deaflympics.

A new motion was proposed, whereby ICSD would remove the old Slovakian

Deaflympics Committee and Slovak Association of the Deaf Sports and replace them with

the Slovenská federácia nepočujúcich športovcov. (Solvakian Federation of Deaf


Yes – 34

No – 4

Motion accepted: Slovenská federácia nepočujúcich športovcov

becomes a member of ICSD


6. 2013 World Deaf Ice Hockey. Vantaa, Finland.

The championships is 20kms north of Helsinki. Technical inspection has been completed

and the report has been submitted to ICSD. The event will be in April 2013, the venue

has up to 3700 seats with 6 changing rooms.


7. In Memoriam:

President Craig Crowley asked everyone in the Congress for a one minute silence for all

the athletes, coaches, leaders, who has passed away since 2009.

Their names in memory are listed below:

BURGRAF Josef SLO 21-Feb-09 Alpine Ski (Yugoslavia)

FRANÇOIS Joseph BEL 19-Aug-09 ICSD TD Tennis & Leader

BERG Thomas O. USA 28-Sep-09 Athletics, Coach & Leader

CHOU Kuo-Tung TPE 08-Oct-09 APDSC President & Honorary Member

KOGOVSEK Anton SLO 15-Oct-09 Athletics & Alpine Ski (Yugoslavia)

FLEISCHER Lawrence Raymond USA 01-Nov-09 PANAMDES President & Leader

FAIRWOOD Bernard USA 17-Nov-09 Wrestling

BATTAD, JR. Anacleto R. USA 11-Jan-10 Volleyball

WERBROUCK Urbain BEL 15-Jan-10 Basketball

LERTSAJAYAN Surachet THA 19-Jan-10 Leader

SAMARANCH H.E. Juan Antonio ESP 21-Apr-10 IOC President & ICSD Honorary Member

SILVESTRI Vincent Todd USA 30-Apr-10 Wrestling

KRALJEVIC Stanko CRO 14-May-10 Football (Yugoslavia)

IVANJKO Rudolf CRO 02-Jun-10 Athletics (Yugoslavia)

BRUNNER Roland SUI 14-Jun-10 Leader

PETSAS Neoclis CYP 19-Jun-10 Leader

KOSMAS Dasiras GRE 04-Jul-10 Leader

KALAI Suleiman Danjin NGR 08-Jul-10 Leader

GRAMMATOGLOU Charalampos GRE 24-Jul-10 Referee

PEDERSEN Arnulf Malvin NOR 30-Jul-10 Alpine Skiing & Athletics

KRAMARENKO Viktor Andreevich RUS 24-Aug-10 Medical

FREDERIKSEN (BRUUN) Erna Elvira DEN 12-Sep-10 Tennis

ZAJC Dusan SLO 21-Sep-10 Basketball (Yugoslavia)

OATES Sammy Marvin USA 06-Oct-10 Athletics & Swimming

BARBE Rene SEY 03-Nov-10 Leader

GJØEN Finn Olav NOR 07-Dec-10 Athletics, Cross Country Skiing & Football

FORSYTH Thomas Alexander CAN 01-Jan-11 Shooting

WIEDNER Klaus AUT 05-Jan-11 Futsal

KARLSSON Krister SWE 17-Feb-11 Bowling

REVOREDO Jorge PER 01-Apr-11 Leader

ILYIN Yury Mikhailovich RUS 21-Apr-11 Coach

GALANT Marijan CRO 14-May-11 Handball (Yugoslavia)

LIE Hans NOR 21-Jun-11 Alpine Skiing

VASILYEV Nikolay RUS 14-Aug-11 Wrestling (Soviet Union)

ICSD also recalls the passing of KELLY Sean, IRL 21-Jul-2001 Leader


8. Miscellaneous:

President Craig Crowley ended the Congress with a sincere thank you to all Executive

Board Members, Federazione Sport Sordi Italia, Technical Directors, Commissions and

ICSD members.