44th ICSD Congress Minutes - Sofia 2013



24 - 25 July 2013


Wednesday, 24 July 2013 




1. Roll Call:


68 members countries in attendance, Kuwait suspended - 67 members countries entitlted to vote.


2. Welcoming Remarks:


ICSD President Craig Crowley welcomed everyone to the 44th ICSD Congress in Sofia.


President Craig Crowley showed a video of the Flame Relay journey, leading to the arrival of the Flame in the Congress Hall.


In Memoriam:

There was a one minute silence for all athletes, coaches, leaders, who had passed away since 2011.


With special mention to the Bulgarian Deaf Sport Federation and the Bulgarian Ministry to host the 44th ICSD Congress and the 22nd Deaflympics in Sofia with very little preparation time.


3. Confirmation of the 43rd ICSD Congress Minutes, Rome:


43rd Congress in Rome (September 2011) - Approved.

Vote to proceed approved.


Australia asked about Minute taking - Congress introduced Roanna Simmons as Minute taker.


President Craig Crowley asked members of the Congress if they accept the Agenda - Approved.

Vote to proceed approved.


4. Confirmation of new members:


  • Libya - in attendance
  • Afghanistan - in attendance
  • Jamaica - not in attendance
  • Botswana - not in attendance


Vote to accept new members approved.


Total numbers of members: 69 members Countries in attendance.


5. Argentina raised questions about 2017 Deaflympics:


Argentina wants to put in another proposal to vote again against Turkey for 2017 Deaflympics.

President Craig Crowly asked if any second country to agree with Argentina's request: USA seconded.

USA pointed out that Turkey was an unexpected candidate on arrival to 43rd ICSD Congress at Rome, 2011.  USA wants to see full plans of Turkey's bid and wants to follow the procedure of the bidding.

Turkey - said full support from government, won the congress in 2011 for 2017 Deaflympics.

Argentina said that Turkey broke the rules.

Board has the decision whether to accept this proposal

Rebecca Adam (Chair of Legal Commission) - explains that Argentina is making a new motion.

USA wants a vote to establish 75% majority to approve a new motion.

Netherlands - query about financial situation about Argentina and Turkey.

Armenia - query about voting % in Rome.

Denmark - said that new proposal cannot be entered at this time.

Great Britain - Urge member that congress is looking into the future, not past.


President Craig Crowley - members to vote 75% for Argentina's proposal to re-vote for 2017 Deaflympics between Turkey and Argentina.

  • Yes 13
  • Abstain 17
  • No 34 

Vote to deny new motion by Argentina.


6. President's report:


President Craig Crowley reported on key elements of ICSD's progress since the Rome 2011 Congress, including a new memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the World Federation of the Deaf, a new MoU with the International Olympic Committee, the holding of successful World Championships, the absence of cancelled events and progess towards financial stability. President Craig Crowley also discussed the ICSD's work on governance reform, and indicated his support for option 3, full reform and a new governance handbook.

Vice President David Lanesman introduced late comer Zambia - now 70 members countries in attendance.

Questions from members:

  • Netherlands - has no issues with MoU. Can ICSD present in Turkey?
  • President Craig Crowley - Russia offered a package for 2015; which is expensive.
  • CEO Mark Cooper - Sport Accord agree to pay interpreters for future Sport Accord events.
  • Denmark - hopes that the new board members will work together for future.
  • Denmark - asked for explanation that old legal commisson lost 3 out of 4 members in commission.
  • President Craig Crowley - Thanked Knud for his contribution in legal commission.
  • President Craig Crowley highlighed how Dwight Benedict and Josef Willmerdinger have left behind good work they did for ICSD.
  • Australia - asked for the WFD MoU, this has been emailed to members.  They asked if ICSD to join WFD Congress in the future?
  • President Craig Crowley agrees and wants better visibility and will chat with Istanbul WFD 2015.
  • Sweden say there is a lot of information from President Craig Crowley, in his presentation. Need time to read and highlight any issues.
  • President Craig Crowley said the report is from 2011 to 2013, which is 2 years' worth of work.
  • President Craig Crowley is happy to include the members' input as part of proposal 3.
  • Sweden - wants PowerPoint by email. Wants regular communication.
  • Zambia - wants government support, wants ICSD more involvement in support members to have government support. Wants IOC support, as Africa has lower status.
  • CEO Mark Cooper - Training centre are being suggested, IOC have the funds to open a deaf youth training centre. But Africa needs to take responsibility to run it.  The aim for this, that will support African countries.
  • Venezuela - wants the MoU in Spanish.
  • Estonia - with Croatia support, about Paralympics putting aside the deaf sports. Their government support Paralympics, but not deaf.
  • Algeria - does not want Deaflympics to be involved in Paralympics.
  • Georgia - wants to email to correct person.
  • President Craig Crowley - IOC has French and English. He encourages members to use Google translate. To keep paperwork to the minimum.
  • President Craig Crowley - explains that IOC knows the different between Deaflympics and Paralympics.
  • Explaining how development countries can work and share ideas.

Members to approve the President's report

  • Yes - 51
  • Abstain - 4
  • No - 0

President's report approved.


Morning session End




Colombia introduced - now 71 members countries in attendance.

  • Afghanistan proposes congress separate from Deaflympics.
  • President Craig Crowley - this was something for the future.


7. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Cooper Deaflympics report:


CEO Mark Cooper presented on the progress made on the Sofia 2013 Deaflympics including this thanks to the Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation and the ICSD Technical Directors.

Mark Cooper provided and overview of the coming competitions, showed images of the flame relay from Paris to Sofia.  The Deaflympics falme was bought into the Congress.

Questions from members:

  • Spain - asked about opening ceremony.
  • Mark Cooper explained the opening ceremony process.
  • Estonia - Flag issues.
  • Belgium - Transport issues.
  • China - There should be a rehearsal for the opening ceremony.
  • Australia - Audiology tests, transport issues.
  • Mark Cooper said the aim is to keep the opening ceremony to the minimum (2 hours), half the seats will go to the athletes.
  • Cycling TD meeting is moved forwarded to 26 July.
  • Wants delegates to be involved in the rehearsals.
  • UAE - spend a lot of money on uniform for opening ceromony, but only a few present at the opening ceremony.
  • Turkey - not happy with 3 people to carry flags - especially they spend money on uniforms.
  • Zambia - they paid hotel, food, they want transportation at any time.
  • Great Britain - asked about the flags, the reason form them to bring their own.
  • Mark Cooper - approx. 8,000 for the opening ceremony.
  • Flag bearers can attend to the opening ceremony with few others members in their team.
  • Mark Cooper explaining the process of the opening ceremony.
  • President Craig Crowley - 70+ countries and 2,600 athletes.

(After mid-afternoon break)

Macau introduced - now 72 members countries in attendance.


8. World Championships report:

Reports were made on the World Championships since the 43rd Congress and bids were invited for future competitions.  The contract with Chinese Taipei for the 2015 World Deaf Basketball Championships was signed. 

Congress showed its appreciation for ICSD's Technical Directors.


Day 1 of Congress End


Thursday, 25 July 2013



1. Roll Call:

71 members countries in attendance


2. Welcoming Remarks:

ICSD President Craig Crowley opens the 2nd Day of the Congress at the 44th ICSD Congress in Sofia.


3. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Cooper's report:

CEO Mark Cooper gave a report, summarising progress witht regard to the 2011 Slovakia Deaflympics (Jaromir Ruda was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for fraud).

Mark Cooper outlined how ICSD had provided a World Championships in every winter and summer Deaflympics sport during the peceding two years, many for the first time.

Mark Cooper described the closure of the USA officer, to cut costs, with the transfer of ICSD's paper archives to Gallaudet University. 

Mark Cooper also described the increase in revenues that followed closer cooperation with the IOC, together with introducing new sponsors for media and audiology. 

Mark Cooper also described a projecct to ensure that signed national anthems were in place for medal presentations at future competitions.


4. Accounting report by Terry Berrigan:

The financial results for 2011 and 2012 were introduced.  The forecast for 2013 is break even.


Questions from the members:

  • USA - not all documents in the audit, wants to see all.
  • Golf - (Ole Artmann) - will not approve the audit, because it is not international standard.  Needs board approval.
  • Wants to know how they lost $500,000.
  • Wants clear audit.
  • No respect of past work (Ole Artmann)
  • Board has responsbility of the audit from 2009 - now.
  • Understands of the economic difficulties.
  • Slovakia was an issue to finance.
  • Terry Berrigan - ICSD follows the correct procedure using a professiona compnay in USA.
  • Great Britain - IOC have seen the ICSD audit, otherwise ICSD would not have the funds from the IOC.
  • Zambia - wants the financial results given to members.
  • Denmark - wants to see 2010 results and query about JJ legacy.
  • Macedonia - wants refund from Slovakia.
  • Armenia - importance of audit.
  • Terry Berrigan - final audited results will accompany the minutes (stamped).
  • President Craig Crowley - Slovakia, takes time for the compensation to come through.
  • President Craig Crowley explained about JJ Legacy, that it has been Ring-fenced for projects of ICSD as part of JJ's vision.

Vote to approve the accounts.

  • Yes - 50
  • Abstain - 11
  • No - 5

Accounting report approved.


5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Cooper's report [Continue]


National Anthem.

  • Finland - At World Championships Ice Hockey, with flag and signers at World Championships.  Wants all the same for Deaflympics and World Championships in the future.
  • Spain National Anthem has no words. But also wants all National Anthems to have subtitles.
  • Netherlands - welcomed Mark Cooper to the deaf world; believes that staff should work full time and should get extra money for the extra hours.
  • Croatia - Praised the National Anthems idea.
  • President Craig Crowley - National Anthem is work in progress.
  • President Craig Crowley - Money - ICSD is working to get different funds, not just IOC.
  • Ireland - asked if countries must make the video themselves. Need specific requirements.
  • Algeria - wants different language.

(After break)


Mongolia introduced - now 72 members countries in attendance.


5. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Cooper's report [Continue]


Winter Deaflympics 2015.


  • President Craig Crowley - no Winter Deaflympics 2015 bid - as a country need government support.
  • CEO Mark Cooper - Slovakia updates: Ruda in Prison.
  • Introduced Russia presentation about 2015 Winter Deaflympics bid.
  • Valery Rukhledev briefly introducted Russia's work to bring the 2015 Winter Deaflympics to Khanty Mansiysk. Government approval is not yet in place.


Summer Deaflympics 2017.


Turkey Deaf Sport Federation about 2017 Deaflympics updates.

Turkey presented it's venue concepts in Ankara and described plans to host the Deaflympics.

  • Croatia - wants good training times in 2017 Deaflympics
  • Ireland - Venues questions; hopes to have Water Polo, and there is no Golf on the list.
  • Netherlands - Football indoors or outdoors?
  • Turkish Deaf Sport Federation - happy to change times, football has several pitches, one is being build.
  • Happy to answer questions by email.
  • Explains about the distance of sport.
  • Water Polo is not a part of 2017 plans as per the votes in 2011 voting in Rome.
  • Golf on hold until the proposals goes through.


6. Motions for considerations.

Motion to accept Governance Review Option 3 (Part C).

For a full description: please go to http://www.deaflympics.com/pdf/2013ICSDGovernanceReview.pdf

Rebecca Adam (Chair of Legal Commission) explains about the structure of the motions.  Option 3 (Part C) in the Governance Review was proposed by the board, making specific reference to the associated strategy for 2013-2017.

Motion 2

Rebecca Adam explains to the Congress that the draft of the Governance Review will go out in 2014. Giving the members time to read the Governance Review and they will be able to email any questions related to the Governance Review.


Then the final Governance Review will be launched in 2015.


Canada seconded the motion.


Questions from the members:

  • Sweden - welcome Option 3 (Part C) proposal, they mentioned that they approve that the Technical Commission will oversee the sport side of things.
  • Zambia - wants official documents on paper.
  • Croatia - asked about Rome 2011 list combined to Option 3 (Part C)? Does not support it.
  • Denmark - do not understand how it will come together.
  • Turkey - wants the documents of the proposals. Won't support Option 3 (Part C) but will support Option 2 (Part B) instead.
  • Canada - supports Option 3 (Part C), believes the past structure was not clear. The world is changing, so ICSD must change. So the Governance Review Option (Part C) is the way forward.
  • Switzerland - wants official documents on paper.


Rebecca Adam highlighted the issue that the IOC said ICSD must change; as there is no equality. Members hae eight (8) months to read and ask questions.


Vote to want Governance Review Option 3 (Part C).

  • Yes - 37
  • Abstain - 13
  • No - 13


Governnace Review Option 3 (Part C) approved.


Motion 6


To rename ICSD to IDC (International Deaflympics Committee)

  • Croatia - wants to change names - wants to be a member of the IOC.
  • CEO Mark Cooper - need to ask IOC permission, they said no. Wants to keep the good relationship with the IOC.
  • President Craig Crowley said the MoU with the IOC will help to build open dialog together - if they want to change names.
  • Armenia - wants to change name.

Propose to amend Motion 6 wording.

'To recommend that ICSD to request to IOC permission to rename ICSD to IDC (International Deaflympics Committee)'  (and for this we already have deicion from 2003, Sundsvall, Sweden).

  • Yes - 53
  • Abstain - 5
  • No - 1

ICSD to ask IOC permission to rename ICSD to IDC approved.

Morning session End



Election of Executive Committee for 2013 - 2017: 74 countries and 74 eligible votes.

 74 Member countries in attendance.

Legal Commission explains the Election process in PowerPoint presentation, leg by Mark Sorokin and Frouke Van Wisum.

Speeches by each nominee may only last 3 minutes.



  • Australia query about constitution about International signs.
  • Asked which Vice President for Youth and World Sport


Election for President


1st Round - for President


  • Joel Barish (USA) - 8
  • Craig Crowley (GBR) - 34
  • Valery Rukhledev (RUS) - 32


2nd Round - for President

  • Craig Crowley (GBR) - 33
  • Valery Rukhledev (RUS) - 39
  • Spoiled ballots - 0
  • Blank votes - 2


New President of ICSD:     Valery Rukhledev (RUS)



Election for Vice President World Sport


1st Round - for Vice President World Sport

  • Kang CHEN (TPE) - 19
  • Jean-Francois Labes (FRA) - 0
  • Jack Lamberton (USA) - 6
  • David Lanesman (ISR) - 13
  • Marijo Lusic (CRO) - 9
  • Mohamed Madoun (ALG) - 3
  • Prosper Mulinda (ZAM) - 0
  • Vasyl Sandugei (UKR) - 10
  • Iosif Stavrakakis (GRE) - 2
  • Masood Farahani Tajer (IRI) - 2
  • Spoilt ballot - 10

2nd Round - for Vice President World Sport

  • Kang CHEN (TPE) - 26
  • Jack Lamberton (USA) - 4
  • David Lanesman (ISR) - 16
  • Marijo Lusic (CRO) - 6
  • Mohamed Madoun (ALG) - 3
  • Vasyl Sandugei (UKR) - 13
  • Iosif Stavrakakis (GRE) - 2
  • Masood Farahani Tajer (IRI) - 1
  • Blank votes - 3

Rebecca Adam (Chair of Legal Commission) proposed to change the by-laws to allow top votes to win.

Ukraine seconded.

The proposal was carried unanimously.


Vice President World Sport:    Kang CHEN (TPE)


Election of Vice President Youth Sport


  • David Lanesman (ISR) - 28
  • Jack Lamberton (USA) - 25
  • Madoun Mohamed (ALG) - 3
  • Mulinda Prosper (ZAM) - 1
  • Stavrakakis Iosif (GRE) - 11
  • Blank votes - 6


Vice President Youth Sport:     David Lanesman (ISR)


Election of Members at Large (top 2 become members of the board)


  • Rebecca Adam (AUS) - 28
  • Alessandro Samueli Pier (ITA) - 7
  • Maria Rojas de Bendeguz (VEN) - 5
  • Arista Hass (CAN) - 3
  • Nouhoum Keita (MLI) - 0
  • Atif Kucuk (TUR) - 17
  • Jean-Francois Labes (FRA) - 3
  • Jack Lamberton (USA) - 15
  • Arne Lundquist (SWE) - 14
  • Marijo Lusic (CRO) - 17
  • Mohamed Madoun (ALG) - 3
  • Julius Maxajwe (RSA) - 2
  • Nikolay Nikolov (BUL) - 2
  • Isoif Stavarakakis (GRE) - 5
  • Masood Farahani Tajer (IRI) - 1
  • Jun ZHANG - 13


Due to a tie a 2nd round was called for

  • Akiv Kucuk (TUR)
  • Marijo Lusic (CRO)

Mariji Lusic (CRO) won the 2nd round.


Members at Large:

  • Rebecca Adam (AUS)
  • Lusic Marijo (CRO)



President Craig Crowley addressed Congress congratulating new board members for 2013-2017, and also thanking the Lega Commission.

Reminded members the importance of the discussions in the workshop in relation to MoU with WFD - Terry Riley (on behalf of WFD board) thanked members and explained he was looking forward to work with ICSD Board.

President Craig Crowley addressed members to award Honorary membership to Markku Jokinen.

President Craig Crowley thanked the board of 2009-2013, including thanking ICSD staff and Technical Directors.

He also thanked the delegates.

Vice-President David Lanesman thanked President Craig Crowley for his work as President in leading and the vision he had since 2009.


Congress End