Claims in Dispute

From the inception of International Silent Games in 1924 to present day Deaflympics, the ICSD has strived to maintain accuracy of all of the records, reports, statistics, minutes, historical documents, and any other information as posted in the website.*

However, if you find any of the information to be inaccurate or having inconsistency of facts that should be put into dispute, the ICSD welcomes your input. In order to make a claim in dispute, we will require documentary evidence to establish that there is an existence or nonexistence of the dispute before we can start investigating.

By "documentary evidence" the ICSD will accept copies of the following:

  • official records ('official' meaning that the copies were originally created by ICSD officials)
  • certifications
  • letters of verification by ICSD-sanctioned officials as witnesses to the said claim
  • article clippings from veritable publications
  • official or veritable, period-accurate photos

Once we receive the copies of "documentary evidence," we will first make examination of the copies to determine their possible authentication. The next step will be launching an investigation to confirm the authenticity.

If all is ascertained, we will all make efforts to make factual corrections and notify you within 60 days. However, if you have not gotten any response from us beyond this period of time, that may mean that your submission has been found unacceptable and/or rejected.

To submit a claim(s) in dispute, you will need to write a letter to explain the claim in dispute, attach copies of "documentary evidence" and mail to:

International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
Maison du Sport International
54, Avenue de Rhodanie
Lausanne, CH-1007, Switzerland

Although not preferred, we will also accept the submission of your claim(s) in dispute through email to . You will need to attach scanned copies of "documentary evidence," BUT be cautioned that as part of investigation, we may still require you mail in the hard copies for "double verification."

*Event though the purpose of this communiqué is to preserve the validity of the information in regards to Deaflympics, we also welcome claims in dispute for World Deaf Championships.