Deaflympics Medal Presentation Protocol


  1. For every individual and team event, the first (1st), the second (2nd) and the third (3rd) classified competitors will receive a medal and diploma. The diplomas may be given during the Games or mailed to the countries, depending on the Organizing Committee’s ability to deal with this matter. The fourth (4th) through eighth (8th) place winners get diplomas only.
  2. Athletes are not allowed to carry props on the podium during the official medal presentation. Props are defined as any type of materials such as national flag, camera, or video camera.
  3. Athletes shall wear official uniform to represent their nation.


  1. The distribution of medals will take place, in a solemn form, normally at the end of every sport event and at the playing field. The distribution of prizes may be given at one place before the closing ceremony depending on the Host country.
  2. Medal Presenter: Summer/Winter Deaflympics medals will be presented by the members of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD) Executive Board, ICSD Honorary Members, and Regional Confederation representatives.
  3. During the Medal presentation, athletes and ICSD shall assemble medal ceremony holding area. The Medal Ceremony Team Supervisor will assemble all members of the procession in correct order in line.
  4. Each medal shall be placed on a pillow carried by a ceremonial attendant who shall follow the medal party to the stage area.
  5. Parade music will play as they walk out into the arena. The athletes will be positioned behind the dais. The Medal Presenter and Technical Director (TD) will stand by the side of the dais along with International and Host Interpreters.
  6. The announcer will introduce the medalist athletes along with the medal presenter and TD.
  7. The Master of Ceremonies (can be a TD) shall announce the Bronze medal winner by name, his/her nationality and his/her performance record.
  8. The winner will step upon the pedestal.
  9. The Medal Presenter shall collect the Bronze medal from an attendant and put the medal over the winner’s head and offer ICSD's congratulations. The host may choose to present flowers also.
  10. The similar procedure is repeated for Silver and Gold medal winners. (steps 7 to 9)
  11. When all medals are presented, the Master of Ceremonies shall direct the medalists to turn to where the flags will be raised.
  12. The national flags of the winners shall be hoisted on the flagpoles.
  13. The central flagpole for the winner, the adjoining right pole facing the arena shall carry the flag for the second place winner while the left flagpole (again facing the arena) shall carry a flag bearing the nationality of the third place winner.
  14. The National Anthem of the Gold medal winner shall be played while the competitors, officials and spectators face the three (3) country flags as they are raised.
  15. Upon completion of the anthem, the Master of Ceremonies shall allow up to five minutes for athletes who will remain on the podium whilst media accreditations are invited to take photos. Then call for the medalists to step off the pedestal and escort the medal party off the area.
  16. Parade music will play as the ceremony procession leaves the arena.

The ICSD President may assign the task of distribution of medals to his representatives to be chosen amongst the members of the ICSD EB, ICSD Honorary Members, or designates. He shall properly advise the Organizing Committee of these assignments. The Organizing Committee, in drawing the timetable of each event for the different sport disciplines, shall include also the timetable of these ceremonies. However in planning for these timetables, the Organizing Committee must take in account time involved for engraving of the medals if such is done.

The ICSD EB shall decide any additions, changes or deletions to these rules. The ICSD Chief Executive Director shall formally advise the Organizing committee of these changes if any.

The Committee/group responsible for successful operation of the medal presentation ceremonies shall organize as follows:

  • Volunteers to carry medals.
  • Provide pillows where the medals are to be placed before presentation.
  • Ensure that platforms are available for medal winners to stand on while receiving the medals.
  • Check that all flags are up to date and flagpoles are available.
  • Provide transportation for medal presenters to the venues.
  • If possible, organize special meeting of all ICSD members, Technical Directors, etc. so as to know who is who etc.
  • Supply CD National Anthem music to be played during the hoisting of flags. Make sure that National Anthem for each country is up to date.
  • Keep adequate supply of all medals in a secure location and ensure that appropriately engraved medals are presented for each event.