Canada 14 Russia 4

he Canada-Russia matchup was an eagerly anticipated game among the WGD attendees.  After a strong and even start, both teams played their hearts out, starting out with a 1-1 score.  However, as the first period went on, Canada proved its prowess by outskating the Russians.  They went on to score 5 goals in the last 5:30 of the first period... and five more in the second period.  Russia was plagued by lack of decisive play-making and a tired squad.  Its goalie for most of the game, Anatoli Potapov, could not stop the strong Canada squad.

Canada was led by John Guirestante, who proved his prowess by his skillful handling of the puck.  In addition, Mike Merriman pleased the crowd with his speed and flair-- and scoring a penalty goal to the rousing crowd of 1,000 in the house.

Three of Russia's goals were scored by the reliable forward, Oleg Kokonev.  In addition, the team was also helped bz Oleg Danilenko who provided defensive support throughout the game.

By David Kurs