Hungary & Bulgaria Deaflympics Update

The ICSD Board met on 28th April to consider the question of hosting the 2013 Deaflympics.
We are grateful to Hungarian Deaf Sports Federation and the Hungarian Paralympic Committee for their hard work in preparing a bid. Their work was of the highest quality.
Last year, at the ICSD Congress in Rome, Hungary asked for approval to prepare a budget and move ahead. ICSD members said yes.
Since then Hungary asked if each athlete and each official at the Deaflympics could pay 700 euros. ICSD members cannot accept the 700 euro fee. Unfortunately ICSD has little alternative but to put the Hungarian bid to one side.
Bulgaria has offered to host the Deaflympics. Bulgaria has a great history in hosting deaf sports events. Sofia hosted the Deaflympics in 1993.
This year, the wrestling world championships and the volleyball world championships will both be held in Sofia.
The ICSD board has asked Bulgaria to go ahead with work in preparing Deaflympics in Sofia in the summer of next year. There is much work to be done and little time. In the weeks ahead, ICSD Chief Executive Mark Cooper will be in Bulgaria for meetings with the Bulgarian Deaf Sports Federation, the Bulgarian government and the city of Sofia.
By Mark Cooper