ICSD Executive Board meeting in September 2019

A warm greeting to all Deaf Sports World.

I believe that you have aware of that 2-day Executive Board (EB) was held in Lausanne, Switzerland recently. We have already discussed on many issues during the meeting, and here is the summary in 4 key issues as follows,
1. Presidency Election Procedure: How to process in the eligibly and right way as we have received several nominations from countries.
2. Reform: We have received the document from our Reform Commission as they have worked hard for the best interest of ICSD from various sides, which also included the recommendations of International Olympic Committee (IOC).
3. Finance: IOC recommended the audit in Switzerland to ICSD, ICSD has been working on the audit, and it is almost done.
We shall make and release the Congress documents included the above 3 key issues to the full members in respect to the Constitution.
4. Women in Sports Commission: They have provided the document named “Gender Equality” which is also named “Diversity Policy”. EB had reviewed on the document as we still desire to seek talented women getting involved in this organization.

Expect the above 4 key issues, we would like to inform you that we want to respect the Constitution, and we are fixing these that are not eligible under the Constitution. The Constitution is officially approved by the Congress and therefore we want to respect the Constitution.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Italy.

Kang Chen
ICSD Interim President