News update for Members

Dear members,

As ICSD embarks on a short adjournment this weekend it has been a challenging time for ICSD members; it is also time for both ICSD and the members to reflect on our immediate priorities.

We should be getting a response from Hungary in the next two weeks as they re-consider their financial plan for Deaflympics 2013. We wrote to Russia and Bulgaria again last week urging them both to approach their respective Sports Ministry as part of a proposed alternative bid solution in case Hungary does not materialise.
(reference: Hungary 2013 Update – March 2012 video message & Deaflympic Timeline – please see page 2)

We now endeavour to work with the 24 countries that recently called for Extraordinary Congress so as to offer them our assistance with some suggested resolutions arising from their initial concerns. We believe that by achieving effective solidarity we should aim for ‘what’ is right for deaf athletes as being more relevant than ‘who’ is right.

It was good to see the majority of members continuing to support the ICSD Board in its hour of need especially from both the Deaflympic and organisational review perspective. We still have the financial challenge that faces the organisation and how we can help secure the changes we need with support from the ICSD members.

We are currently working to re-establish the Athletes Commission, Technical Commission and Legal Commission. We will be looking at how these commissions can shift resources into a more structured focus for the governance review process and at the same time helping ICSD Board, members, organising committees and deaf athletes to gain better value of support and visibility. We aim to introduce the robust strategic aims of these three commissions later this month.

Please be assured that our organisational reform will come into effect this time next year. It means all our members need to be part of this important journey when consultation begins. During the phased process we will be offering members support and guidance throughout this will be timely as ICSD will be represented at the forthcoming Sport Accord Convention in Quebec, Canada next month and planned dialogues with IOC, IPC and International Sport Federations will begin in earnest.
(reference: video message on ICSD Governance Review Update – March 2012)


Finally, on behalf of the Board I shall be greatly obliged if you could please keep visiting our social media outlets for any news, snippets, video messages and updated details on our World Championships this year and so on.

Very best wishes
Craig A Crowley MBE
President – ICSD

Deaflympics 2013 Decision Timeline:
January 2012:
• Decision delayed due to Hungary Sports Department meetings over finances following IMF economic summit in mid-January; other major sporting events in Hungary also affected
• ICSD sent email update end of January
February 2012:
• Russia & Bulgaria expressed interest; ICSD asked to see support from respective Governments;
March 2012:
• Hungary sent ICSD information that they would only finance 50% of the event; further deliberations
•  ICSD sent video message update regarding Deaflympics 2013 situation
•  ICSD sent reminders to Hungarian Government to re-consider their finances
• ICSD requested government support from Russia & Bulgaria
• ICSD to issue video & email request to ICSD members for observations & answers to 700 euro question
Follow-up actions:
April 2012:
• ICSD final decision on Hungary
•  ICSD will work with all members, including Russia and Bulgaria to see if formal bids are possible for 2013 or 2014
May 2012
ICSD announces final decision on Deaflympics 2013 or 2014 by 31 May 2012, after further communication, dialogue with proposed hosts and members.

By Craig Crowley