SportAccord Summary

A message from ICSD President Craig Crowley:

Greetings from Quebec City, Canada, We're here at the Sport Accord
International Conference where international federation leaders representing
various sports disciplines are meeting at the general assembly.

ICSD is pleased to report we had the opportunity to meet with IOC President
Jacques Rogge and the meeting was very positive and inspiring.

We had numerous meetings with the international sport federations promoting
ICSD and thanked those federations who provided support for our deaf athletes
at past World Deaf Championships, and who have agreed to do so in the future.

We promoted the ICSD, Deaf athletes, and the visibility of our athletes. We
also look forward to their ongoing support in the future.

We also educated newer sport federations regarding the inclusion and support
for our Deaf athletes.

This was an extremely busy week and I am pleased to report that we have more
information, connections with international federations, collaborations, and
more partnerships.

Stay tuned for more news later next week.

Cheers from Quebec City, Canada.

By Mark Cooper