Sweden 1 Canada 4

The 0-1 Swedish team found themselves challenged by the Canadians (1-0) as most of the game was spent on the Swedish side of the ice. In spite of the valiant efforts and numerous terrific saves by the goalie for the Swedish team, Robert Olsson, the Canadians were able to score four points, all within a ten minute span during the second period. John Guirestante, assisted by Mike Merriman, scored the first goal followed three minutes later by Eric Handfield assisted by Terry Maloney. Not more than a minute later, the third goal was scored by Mike Merriman who again teamed up with John Guirestante. Unassisted, Derwin Becker scored the fourth and last Canadian goal of the game. Swedes roared as Chris Edlund scored their first goal of the Games during the third period foiling Canada`s Charles Fectean's attempts to stop him. However, they were unable to make up for their losses during the second quarter and lost by three goals.
By Jennifer Herbold