Entry Standard - Swimming

Caxias do Sul 2022

Competition Entry Standards must be achieved during the qualification period from 01 Jan 2019 to the closing date for Final Entries.
50m freestyle30.0037.00
100m freestyle1:04.001:20.00
200m freestyle2:28.03:00.00
400m freestyle5:16.006:12.00
800m freestyle10:45.0013:00.00
1500m freestyle21:20.0027:00.00
50m backstroke38.0042.00
100m backstroke1:23.001:38.00
200m backstroke3:00.003:28.00
50m breaststroke39.0046.00
100m breaststroke1:26.001:45.00
200m breaststroke3:08.003:45.00
50m butterfly34.0040.00
100m butterfly1:15.001:38.00
200m butterfly2:56.003:29.00
200m individual medley2:54.003:30.00
400m individual medley6:06.007:28.00
4x100m freestyle relay4:16.005:20.005:00.00
4x200m freestyle relay9:52.0012:00.00
4x100m medley relay5:07.006:21.005:45.00